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西游记 之 火焰山 *经典现释*
The Journey West – Mountain of Fiery
*A modern adaptation of a classic tale*

改编/导演 何家伟
Re-written & Directed by Benjamin Ho

Starring: Koh Wan Ching, Serena Pang, Renee Chua,
Valerie Chian, Choo Oi Wah
Percussion by Cheryl Ong (from A Bigger Bang)

Date: 6 – 9 March 2013
Venue: SOTA Studio Theatre, School Of The Arts, Singapore
1 Zubir Said Drive, Level 3 Singapore 227968

简介 Synopsis:

这来临的2013年3月,猴纸剧坊将呈现《西游记 之 火焰山》!

很久以前, 孙悟空为了将火焰山的绵绵大火扑灭,好让唐僧到西天取经,特地到芭蕉洞向铁扇公主借芭蕉扇.公主生气孙悟空拆散她们母子(红孩儿), 非但不借还和悟空大打出手。


铁扇公主最后把"芭蕉扇"借出去.那么, 洪老师会回心转意吗?



March 2013, Paper Monkey Theatre presents a classic Chinese folklore - The Journey West – Mountain of Fiery.

Princess Tie Shan was not only well-known for her fiery temper, but also having to own a magic fan which could put out any disaster. Wukong the Monkey King, approached her to borrow the fan to put out a fire so that the entourage could continue on their Journey to the West. However, the Princess Tie Shan bears a deep grudge with Wukong who had caused her to be separated from her son, and refuses his request.

In a separate story, Mrs Sun receives good news from the hospital as they have found a suitable donor who could potentially save her child’s life from a terminal illness. However, the donor turned out to be Teacher Hong, who had a deep hatred for Mrs Sun for an incident that happened in the past. Will Teacher Hong be able to let go of the past, and like Princess Tie Shan, to give up the "magic fan"?

A modern adaptation of a classic tale, this enchanting, meaningful tale comes alive through drama and specially handcrafted puppets. Not to be missed!

Performed in Mandarin with no English surtitles
50 minutes, no intermission
Suitable for ages 6 and up

Presented by
Paper Monkey Theatre

With Support From
NAC Arts Fund

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Marketing Partners
SAFRA, Kidz Amaze

Photo by
chris pics

Illustrated by Yong Wen Yeu