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寻找小猫的妈妈 • Mama Looking for her Cat

Written by: Kuo Pao Kun
Directed by: Benjamin Ho

Date: 21 – 23 September 2012
Venue: National Museum of Singapore, Gallery Theatre
93 Stamford Road, Basement, Singapore 178897

Starring: Mia Chee, Christie Chua, Jo Kwek, Eleanor Tan & Cheryl Wee (Music & Movement Artiste)

Featuring: Tan Joo Geok as Mama

Also starring: Al Hafiz Sanusi, Liew Li Ting, Ivan Lim, Mehreen Mir, Zach Ng, Farah Yasmine, Andy Yew

简介 Synopsis:


只会讲方言的老妈妈不见了她的小猫,她向自己的孩子求助,可是,孩子们各自忙着寻找自己的完美生活,谁都不愿意帮忙。有一晚,老妈妈离家了,要在这个早已遗忘了她,一个繁荣昌盛, 步伐快速,抹掉传统,没有携老扶弱的现实世界里去寻找小猫。




Girl ah... Boy ah... can you help me find my cat?

An old dialect-speaking mother has lost her only companion – a cat. She asked for help, but was snubbed by her grown-up children. One night, the old lady left her house looking for her cat in a world that has left her behind – a world obsessed with progress and prosperity, which has forgotten the traditional, the old and the frail.

Mama Looking For Her Cat is a play about the communication differences and the estranged relationship between a mother and her children. Written by the Late Kuo Pao Kun in 1988, the play revolves around the theme of Singapore being a multiracial, multicultural and multilingual society. Two decades later, this poignant piece remains as powerful, as relevant and as emotionally hard-hitting as ever.

Multilingual with no English Subtitles (mix of English, Malay, Mandarin, Punjabi, Hokkien, Cantonese and Teochew)

90 minutes, with no intermission

寻找小猫的妈妈, Mama Looking for her Cat Photo by Kevin Seow

Venue Support
National Museum of Singapore

Part of Kuo Pao Kun Festival 2012
National Museum of Singapore

“I studied this 2 years ago and its has always been my dream to watch it staged.”
- Yvonne Chung, Executive

“Awesome, jaw dropping, excellent cast!”
- Vignesh, Student

“Reflects the Singaporean culture very well”
- Mr Lee