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Hug the Tree

As part of Reflections 2009,
Republic Polytechnic's Community Arts Festival

Written & Directed by: Benjamin Ho

Date: 17 – 20 November 2009
Venue: The Republic Cultural Centre, Republic Polytechnic

Starring: Rei Poh, Audrey Luo, Zachary Ho, Ling Poh Foong


In India long, long ago, there lived a girl named Amrita. Every day, Amrita would run towards her favourite tree and throws her arms around it.

"Tree, you are tall and beautiful. How could we live without you?
You guard us, you feed us, you give us the breath of life.
Tree, if you are ever in trouble, I will protect you."

But when the Maharajah, a powerful prince, orders for more wood for his fortress, can Amrita still keep her promise and find the courage to brave the woodcutters' sharp axes?

Inspired by an old Indian folktale, Hug the Tree takes us on a journey with a group of villagers in The Chipko movement as they stood united in a non-violent protest to save trees from being felled in eco-sensitive regions.

Featuring specially crafted puppets in a dynamic display of sets and props, riddled with infectious delightful tunes, Hug the Tree promises to enchant, enthral and entertain from start to finish.

Performed in English