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周处除三害 • The Three Big Bullies

Written & Directed by: Benjamin Ho

Date: 21 – 24 March 2012
Venue: School of the Arts, Studio Theatre

Starring: Rei Poh, Zachary Ho, Audrey Luo, Renee Chua
Percussion by Cheryl Ong (from A Bigger Bang)

简介 Synopsis:


若干年后,在游乐场里出现了一个像周处脾气的小男孩。他蛮不讲理,在学校里、游乐场里为所欲为,换句话说Low EQ,是名副其实的小霸王,小朋友们都很怕他。


本地的猴纸剧坊将以精致可爱、活灵活现的戏偶, 包括布袋戏偶、杖头偶及影子戏偶, 加上其他创新的舞台元素,为小朋友呈现这出富有教育寓意、百看不厌、家喻户晓的民间故事-《周处除三害》。千万不要错过!


A long time ago, there once lived a tyrant named Zhou Chu, who was feared by many for his bad temper. Many years later this big bully appears again!

The bully is a little boy who has the arrogance and strength of a dragon, a howl louder than a lion, hotheaded and impatient as a tiger. The little boy always insists on having things his way. Every child at the playground is fearful of him. Along came two evils, Tiger and Dragon, who terrorised the playground. To be well liked, the little boy decides to chase the two evils away. Will he be able to defeat the two evils and become everyone’s hero?

Join us on a journey to slay tigers and dragons as we re-tell this Chinese Classic about bullying and its consequences, with a modern twist! Experience storytelling with drama, traditional hand puppets, rod puppets, shadow puppets by the Paper Monkey ensemble. Not to be missed!

Performed in Mandarin with no English Subtitles

周处除三害, The Three Big Bullies
“The show was great. It was interesting, with good humour, creativity and sincerity. Lots of efforts being made to ensure that a child can relate to the story.”
- Yvonne Chung, Parent

- Maggie Wong, Chinese Teacher

“It was a great exposure of the Chinese culture and language for my child and I. We had a great time of discussing about the play for hours after the performance.”
- Mdm Quah Siew Ting, Parent