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月光下的故事 • Tales by the Moonlight



The moon is the brightest during the Mid-Autumn Festival. While everyone in the family reunites and enjoys each other's company under the moonlight, the grandfather starts telling his grandchild the legend behind the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Tales by the Moonlight promises to bring children to a fantasy world where characters like Houyi, Chang-e, the Ten Suns and the white rabbit who lives on the moon, come alive, through music & rod puppetry.

Performed in Mandarin

Suitable for children aged 5 and above

Suggested audience size: Approximately 100 pax.
(subjected to seating and stage setting)


  • With the intriguing use of beautifully designed and custom-made puppets and props, audience can expect a theatrical treat.
  • Appreciating puppetry as a unique art form that can be used to share stories with others in a fun and engaging manner.
  • Learning to appreciate the interesting traditional folktales and legends behind cultural festivals.
  • Suitable for the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

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