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Hug the Tree

Long ago in India, there lived a girl named Amrita who loved the trees, promising to protect them like how they had protected her home from the desert sandstorm. But when the powerful king ordered for more wood for his fortress, can Amrita keep her promise and find the courage to brave the woodcutters’ sharp axes to protect the trees and her home? Hug the Tree is inspired by an old Indian folktale, where a group of villagers stood united to save trees from being felled in The Chipko movement.

Suitable for children aged 5 and above

Suggested audience size: Approximately 100 pax.
(subjected to seating and stage setting)


  • Broaden the understanding and knowledge about environment conservation, protection and being ecological responsible to Mother Earth.
  • Imbuing positive values of bravery, staying true and acting upon one's belief.
  • An exciting drama performance with life-size custom-made puppets and meaningful original song compositions.
  • Suitable for Earth Day, International Friendship, Racial Harmony & Children’s Day

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Hug the Tree
Endorsed by the National Arts Council Arts Education Programme (NAC-AEP) and is eligible for the Tote Board Arts Grant subsidy