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灯节舞龙 • Dragon Dance






Do you know how traditional dragon dance performances came about? Come find out more about this puppetry performance Dragon Dance that promises lots of fun and excitement for the children!

After a bumper harvest from a year of hard work, the farmers forgot to thank the gods who blessed them with good weather. Upset by their ingratitude, the Heavenly Emperor punishes the people by bringing a three-year long drought upon them! The kind-hearted Dragon Princess feels sorry for the farmers. In her attempt to help them, she angered the Heavenly Emperor who sent heavenly guards to capture her. Will the farmers be able to save the Dragon Princess?

Dragon Dance is a lively retelling of the folktale of behind the origin of Chinese dragon dance. Presented with puppetry, drama, dance and music Dragon Dance is a highly interactive play where the children will have a chance to be a part of the play and be mesmerised by the specially hand-crafted puppets by Paper Monkey. Dragon Dance promises to enthrall the young and old as they learn more about the Chinese culture and legends.

Performed in English or Mandarin

Suitable for children aged 5 and above

Suggested audience size: Approximately 100 pax.
(subjected to seating and stage setting)


  • Learning to appreciate the interesting traditional folktales and legends behind the Chinese cultural.
  • High audience interactivity, where audiences will be invited onto stage be part of the play.
  • With the intriguing use of beautifully designed and custom-made puppets and props, audience can expect a theatrical treat.
  • Appreciating puppetry as a unique art form that can be used to share stories with others in a fun and engaging manner.

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