Benjamin Ho, Artisic Director of Paper Monkey Theatre
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Artistic Director

Benjamin Ho

Benjamin is a madman who vows his love and life-long devotion to inanimate objects called PUPPETS. He accumulated mileages from land, sea and air, just to acquire knowledge and skills so as to bring life to these puppets!

His mastery of puppetry has not gone unnoticed. He has shared his great love with local audience through many production companies, such as TheatreWorks, The Theatre Practice, The Finger Players, Toy Factory Theatre Ensemble, The Necessary Stage, WildRice and Singapore Hokkien Huay Guan Arts and Cultural Troupe just to name a few; and audience abroad through participation of various puppetry festivals in Asia and Europe.

Injection of life to puppets is not only his sole purpose in life, he also aspires to take this educational and meaningful art form to a greater height by entailing his mastery of puppetry with multimedia, and also through our rich Asian culture and stories to enthuse and engage his audience, young and old.

In 2009, under the support of NAC’s International Arts Residency (IAR) initiative, Benjamin participated in the La Mama International Symposium – a training programme for professional directors held in Umbria, Italy.